NeuroScript Software

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Founded by Hans-Leo Teulings, Ph.D and Professor Michael P.Caligiuri, Ph D. in 1997, NeuroScript Software focuses on the development of software systems for an accurate and effective analysis of human movements. Its sole mission is to provide professionals from various industries (such as Psychiatry, Neurology, Physiotherapy, Forensics, and Kinesiology) a wide array of software systems for research and analysis. NeuroScript specializes in handwriting analysis software to help professionals conduct research in human movements. Our goal is to provide this service using low-cost PC-based devices.

What cannot be exposed with conventional methods can be uncovered with our graphology software.

We also offer free trials of our MovAlyzeR®, ScriptAlyzeR™, GripAlyzeR™ and PDF by Hand Software for 15 days.

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